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30th Apr 2019

Head over to my Instagram account to watch how I make my vegan skincare, where I get my ingredients from, how I try and achieve sustainability and how well my skincare products work.Cebra ethical skin … read more
NEW - mascara brush

NEW - mascara brush

Posted by Cebra ethical skincare on 27th Mar 2019

A new, eco-friendly, vegan approved mascara brush will be available to purchase from my shop soon.The mascara brush features acrylic bristles and a hardwood handle. The brush is made locally by a Germ … read more

German packaging & recycling law

Posted by Sabine Oppenländer on 13th Sep 2018

The new German packaging and recycling law is coming into effect in January 2019.It means that all producers and makers of for example handmade skincare have to register on a portal to show that they … read more

Packaging oils and butters

Posted by Sabine Oppenländer on 9th Sep 2018

Purest quality oils and butters, organic and/or kosher certified by my supplier. These oils are regularly tested for their purity. They are free from phthalates and mineral oils. Why am I telling you … read more

Whipped Shea Butter

Posted by Cebra ethical skincare on 12th Aug 2018

Back in stock and in a larger tub: whipped organic shea butter. Great for dry, chaffed, irritated skin. Cracked heels also benefit from a regular application of this light, creamy shea butter. Yo … read more