How is Shea Butter made?

Posted by Sabine Oppenlander on 19th Mar 2016

This is where my organic certified shea butter is from - the Mavis Asigre women's co-operative. You can watch all 30 minutes of this video to get a good impression what hard work it is to produce shea … read more

Potent eye cream recipe

20th Jan 2013

Here is the recipe for my eye cream as mentioned on my Facebook page: Take 3.75 g of fluid lecithin 2.5 g of lupine protein 0.75 g of tripeptide-5 Mix well with 18 g of a good base cream (such as … read more

New product: African Black Soap Paste

29th Oct 2012

A great new product is our African black soap paste. Very efficient and therefore long lasting, the paste can be used as is or make your own liquid soap by adding water. Further details: %%GLOBAL_Sho … read more