Coronavirus Update

18th Mar 2020

As a small business I am particularly badly affected by the current situation. With that in mind I wanted to assure you all that I am still in business and that I have taken measures to strengthen my Good Manufacturing Practices above the already strict industry standard.

Firstly I do not have visitors. I run my business from my home office and I sell my products online only. I have now taken steps to refuse access to my home to any visitors at all. I frequently sterilise all equipment and disinfect all work areas, bottles and closures with an alcohol based disinfectant as recommended by the WHO and not just when I intend to use them but at least once a day. Floors are cleaned at least twice a day. I wear protective clothing, vinyl gloves, a hair net and face mask but this is standard in our industry anyway.

Please rest assured that my products are safe for you to use.

With this in mind I very much hope that you will support my small business and trust me when it comes to hygiene and product safety.

I wish you and your nearest and dearest all the best and above all, good health. Thank you for your trust in me and my products. I look forward to continue to be of service to you.

Warm wishes