German packaging & recycling law

Posted by Sabine Oppenländer on 13th Sep 2018

The new German packaging and recycling law is coming into effect in January 2019.

It means that all producers and makers of for example handmade skincare have to register on a portal to show that they act responsibly in regards to their environmental obligations. You must show that you use eco friendly materials and that you use only bonafide packaging suppliers. 

For example plastic packaging should be avoided where possible. Or it must be fully recyclable. PET for example is fully recyclable and in high demand by recycling firms. Aluminium tins are also fully recyclable over and over again. Glass is fully recyclable although the energy needed to melt down glass is high and transportation costs and pollution is higher as well due to the weight of glass.

Cardboard boxes should be made from recycled paper and not contain plastic lining. Styropor is also frowned upon. Filling materials and sticky tapes should be made from paper where possible.

Luckily I have kept up with events and I am already registered on the portal. I will also switch from plastic bottles to glass bottles where possible or use already recycled PET bottles and tubs. These are - naturally - 100% free from phthalates, BPA and don't leach mineral oil derivatives into the oils and butters they hold. 

If you want to receive your products packaged in glass no matter what then there will be an option at checkout for a slightly higher fee. Please be aware that transport costs in that case will be higher as glass is heavier than PET and aluminium.

Thank you for your trust and your custom over the years. I always strive to offer you the best and purest products and act ethically in all my business dealings.