Packaging oils and butters

Posted by Sabine Oppenländer on 9th Sep 2018

Purest quality oils and butters, organic and/or kosher certified by my supplier.

These oils are regularly tested for their purity. They are free from phthalates and mineral oils.

Why am I telling you this? Because the way oils and butters are packaged is of major importance. Many plastic, metal and glass containers from bulk suppliers are neither food safe nor specifically made to store and transport these oils and butters in.
They can leach chemicals as the oils and butters very often have solvent properties.

My new supplier has developed new containers that are lined with a natural wax film which is resistant to the solvent properties and so builds a perfect barrier between container material and its contents.

I buy in small batches to keep the quality outstanding. It costs a bit more but you get the most gorgeous, fully intact oils and butters there are.

Only the best for your skin!

I package in high quality containers based on the same principles.