Daikon Radish Seed Oil

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An odourless, clear to golden coloured radish seed oil that replaces silicone in hair and skincare products.

  • Can be used on its own as a daily serum for hair, skin and nails.
  • Sinks in quickly without leaving an oily film
  • Nourishes skin from within thereby giving it a glow.
  • As a hair serum it smoothes hair follicles and makes hair more managable
  • As a nail treatment it has a beneficial effect on brittle nails.

Daikon Radish Seed Oil is a triglyceride with the unusal combination of C18, C20 and C22 fatty acids which makes it stand out from other cosmetic plant oils. As an emollient it has the capacity to reach lower skin layers and to work on skin from the inside out. As a hair serum it has proven detangling qualities and gives the hair shine, making it manageable and frizz free.

Net volume: 30 ml in a brown glass bottle with dropper cap.

Ingredients: Raphanus sativus (Radish) Seed Oil.

To Use: Use 3-4 drops and work into damp, clean hair. Massage into clean skin as needed. Use a couple of drops and work into nails and cuticles and the back of your hands. Use on cracked heels and dry feet.


bbe 06/2017