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We guarantee that all our products are meticulously processed and each item is carefully checked by the individual quality departments. We use best manufacturing practices and all products carry safety certificates as issued by a registered chemist under the EU Cosmetics directive.

Important - please read: Cold pressed, unrefined oils can solidify in cold temperatures as they do not contain any chemicals that keep them liquid. this does not affect their quality and you can liquify them by placing the bottle in a jug with warm water for 15 minutes (don't put the bottle into boiling water as it will warp!). 

Butters are also cold pressed and can become grainy in cooler temperatures. This does not affect the quality of the butters and will be remedied when applying to skin when the granules will melt.

General points:

VAT number: DE318920416. We do not charge VAT according to § 19 Kleinunternehmer-Regelung.

Prices are correct at the time of uploading, however we reserve the right to change them at any time without any prior notification (especially if due to currency fluctuation).

All items are described accurately and where possible several photographic images will be provided for your decision making. Please note that minor colour and size variations as well as changes in packaging are to be expected as photographs display differently on each computer screen and also because all our products are handmade and therefore no two items are exactly the same. If in doubt please ask us and we shall be more than happy to talk to you or send you more photographs via email.

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