Unrefined Red Palm Oil - non plantation

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Our red unrefined palm oil is a genuine eco friendly, non-plantation, fairtrade product from Ecuador where this type of palm oil is used in cooking. Red palm oil is rich in pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Lycopene which makes it an excellent anti oxidant. The oil - which is solid at room temperature - is also rich in Omega 3 and 6. It is not hydrogenated and it is NOT a typical palm oil trans fat as used in many margarines - this oil is actually beneficial to your health.

Red palm oil has a better nutritional profile than olive oil. It is 15 times higher in carotenoids than carrots.

Red palm oil is commonly used in soap making, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chocolates and cooking.

Our palm oil is food grade but can also be applied to skin. A little goes a long way. Please bear in mind that this type of oil can stain clothes due to its high carotine content which give it the deep orange / red colouring. The oil has a deeply earthy somewhat nutty aroma and taste which is not unpleasant but rather interesting.

Ingredients: Elaeis guineensis

Net weight: 100 ml